Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

Wednesday 27th Jan, 2021

‘Be the Light in the Darkness’ is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2021.

Thema Diwrnod Cofio’r Holocost yw ‘Goleuni yn y Tywyllwch’

About HMD 2021

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2021 is Be the light in the darkness. It encourages everyone to reflect on the depths humanity can sink to, but also the ways individuals and communities resisted that darkness to ‘be the light’ before, during and after genocide.

Be the light in the darkness is an affirmation and a call to action for everyone marking HMD. This theme asks us to consider different kinds of ‘darkness’, for example, identity-based persecution, misinformation, denial of justice; and different ways of ‘being the light’, for example, resistance, acts of solidarity, rescue and illuminating mistruths.

Amdano HMD 2021

Mae’n alwad i barhau’n wyliadwrus yn erbyn casineb ac i fyfyrio ar y dyfnder y gall dynoliaeth suddo iddo. Gallwn ddewis bod yn oleuni yn y tywyllwch – gartref, yn gyhoeddus ac ar-lein.

Ymunwch â ni ar lein ar gyfer digwyddiad Diwrnod Cofio Holocost 2021.

Watch our video (approx 1h)

Programme – Wednesday Jan, 27, 2021


Part 1


By Elinor Gilbey, Chair of the Josef Herman Foundation


Part 2


By David Herman, patron of the Josef Herman Foundation


Part 3

Humberto Gatica – Poet and photographer

In conversation with JHF Trustee, Carole Hopkin, discussing his escape from Chile during the military dictatorship, and his subsequent settlement in Swansea in 1975.


Part 4

‘First they Came’ by Martin Niemöller

Poetry recital by Fay Miles Board


Part 5

‘Y Coed’ by Gwenallt    (The Trees)

Poetry recital by the children of Ysgol Gynradd Cymraeg Gellionnen


Part 6

Excerpts from Anne Frank’s Diary

Reading by Isaac Thomas and Amir Conteh


Part 7

Introduction to film preview of ‘Sangre no es Agua’

by Jessica Lerner


Part 8

Poems by Waldo Williams and Emily Dickinson

Poetry readings by Mererid Hopwood


Part 9

‘Nign’ on the violin

Performed and arranged by Meriel Paget